Legal Services & SMEs

Legal Services & SMEs

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United Kingdom


- Online Diary Tasks

The Challenge

GuineaPig worked with an online Legal Services platform and their market research agency aiming to provide support to SMEs in helping them connect with various types of legal services with the business sector. We were on hand to recruit a wide variety of different small and medium sized business owners for the brand to engage with, with the aim to understand various different legal needs an owner might look for, and by doing so, gain further insight in how their platform can target more users.

Target Groups

40 SME UK based business owners

-Types of legal issues faced:

  • Debt recovery
  • Employment related issues (e.g. staff misconduct, disciplinary issues, redundancy)
  • Disputes with clients / suppliers / other business contacts
  • Tax related problems or issues (over and above payment of VAT, other taxes)
  • Drawing up / reviewing a contract 
  • Business premises (e.g. conveyancing, terms of rental agreement)
  • Protection of intellectual property



The Results

GuineaPig leveraged their network of B2B recruiters to access the target respondents plus using our own internal database and network, to secure the full recruitment spec and gaining insightful data collection. A follow up round of recruiting was completed due to how successful the campaign was running and we are now the companies preferred UK fieldwork company with new research projects already in the pipeline.

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