Connected Teenagers

Connected Teenagers

About the project


United Kingdom


- Online Focus Groups

The Challenge

Partnering with a leading Smartphone brand, GuineaPig undertook an exciting youthful project targeting teenagers to understand what factors in Smartphones are important to them in current times.

Target Groups

20 Teenagers who are active and energetic

3 x 18-year-old smartphone owners - 4 groups of 4 (2 Male Groups / 2 Female Groups)

Age Split - 13-15 M/F group / 15-18 M/F Groups

Samsung Galaxy / iPhone users

Those who decided the brand when purchasing their smartphone 

Those who use (access) SNS more than once a day (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.)

Watch video clips/listen to music/play mobile games more than once a week

Those who take rear camera photos/selfies/videos more than 10 times a week

Those who use IM (iMessage, Whatsapp, Instagram DM, etc.) more than 10 times a week

Those who bought their smartphone within 6 months

100+ followers on Instagram/YouTube/etc. (At least 1 per group)

At least 1 respondent in each group who was leader of school clubs (sports, dance, cheerleading, etc.) per group

At least 1 respondent who has his/her own car and drives to school per 16-18-year-old group 

The Results

Making the GuineaPig team feel nostalgic about their teenage years, we had such a brilliant response to the recruitment stage of the project with over 100 teenagers applied and shortlisted for the campaign in just one week.  Some amazing research results were generated about the view points of teenagers and their use of Smartphones and social media with a happy bunch of fantastic high energy participants. Oh to be young again!

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