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Working in partnership with our clients, we recruit the perfect participants for qualitative & quantitative market research studies in the UK and overseas

Your opinion matters!

The unsung heroes behind the success of every new product, service or idea are the GuineaPigs. Those chosen few research participants who tried the concept first and gave their all important opinions!

The worlds top brands are looking for people just like you and are willing to offer tax-free cash incentives for a small amount of your time - sometimes well into the hundreds of pounds!

Join our GuineaPig network today and the next time you see a billboard or advert on TV, you too might be able to say "I was involved in that!"

Join our partner network

We try to manage as many of our projects in-house as we can but more often than not, we rely on the support of our incredible partner network to help us reach and research the participants that we are unable to find on our own. 

Whether you're an independent market research recruiter, moderator, interviewer, small charity, community group or just the local legend that knows everyone in your area - we'd love to hear from you! 

We offer great rates, we always pay on time and we'll never steal your people!

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