Sustainable Yogurt Pots

Sustainable Yogurt Pots

About the project


United Kingdom


- Pre video diary task

- Online focus groups with product testing

The Challenge

GuineaPig worked with one of the most popular and well known greek style Yogurt brands in Europe, to discuss peoples perceptions of sustainable yogurt packaging, and how users usually generally dispose of their pots once used, whether they recycle them or not. The brand also wanted to display their latest packaging design prototypes to a UK audience to gain better understanding of what type of packaging consumers prefer and how they feel about sustainable packaging.

Target Groups

14 people

- 20/45 yo (7 between 20 and 30yo + 7 between 31st and 45 yo)

- 7 female/ 7 male

- All to be Greek style yogurt consumers, dairy or plant based

- All consumers of the brands Greek Style product : 7 are heavy users (consumed at least once a week)/ 7 are light users (more than once a month) 

- Each participant needed to be at least a light user of at least one competitor product 

- All Sensitive to sustainable material and are used to recycle products (glasses, bottles, etc…) Not extremists

- None to be allergic, intolerant to any of the ingredients

The Results

A fully recruited research project to spec, with yogurt lovers from across the United Kingdom. Tasty!

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