Soundbar Systems

Soundbar Systems

About the project


- United Kingdom
- East Coast USA
- West Coast USA
- Mexico


- Online Focus Groups via Zoom
- Video product reviews

The Challenge

An international research study relating to DJ Equipment with a focus on performance and Mixing Software. Our client, an industry leading DJ software developer, wanted to better understand the needs,  wishes and experiences of professional DJs around the world, with the aim to develop the pro-version of the software in a more user-friendly way.

Target Groups

5x professional DJs of mixed genders per market.

Music genres:
- Commercial
- House
- Drum and Bass
- Hip Hop

The Results

Leveraging our international network of DJs and musicians, we were able to recruit a highly diverse set of participants for this study.

The findings were profound, with key attitudinal differences discovered between countries, genres and levels of experience amung the DJs.

One of our most enjoyable projects to date.

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