About the project


United Kingdom


- Online Focus Groups

The Challenge

GuineaPig partnered with a low-cost smartphone brand recently launched in the UK in summer 2020. A affordable alternative smartphone compared to others in the UK market, the brand was keen to understand phone owners perceptions of smartphones who may already own a low-cost alternative, what drives them to purchase them, with the aim to understand their current marketing strategies and how they could engage with potential consumers.

Target Groups

24 participants

4 Groups

Male & female

At least 1 female for own brand users within each group.

At least 1 male for own brand users within each group

Local residents living in the city for 2 years or above

Occupation: mix with different occupations

Mobile phone ownership & usage:

Primary Mobile in use was purchased within 1 year

Decision maker & main user of choosing mobile phones

User of newly purchased mobile phones, excluding the users of second-hand mobile phones and gifts


The Results

Due to the extremely challenging brief due to the distinct lack of UK users of the smartphone brand or general awareness of the brand, our recruitment partners felt they could not recruit the full amount of respondents needed, however GuineaPig leveraged our own network across various mediums and managed to recruit the remaining participants completing the full spec, thus succeeding with the completion of this project.

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