South Korean Tourism

South Korean Tourism

About the project


- United Kingdom joining a European project


- Online Focus Groups

The Challenge

A leading South Korean tourism board approached GuineaPig to support them in an engaging study, targeting recent visitors of South Korea to understand the way tourists book their holidays, how they organise their itineraries, plus to gain deeper understanding on peoples thoughts and perceptions on South Korea as a holiday destination.

Target Groups

1 female aged 40-60, 1 male aged 40-60

1 female aged 20-40, 1 male aged 20-40

All must have visited Seoul, Korea in the last 2 years

Minimum 3 day stay, maximum 30 days. 

Private travel only. Not for study/work/visiting relatives.

Self-booked holiday with excursions that they planned themselves.


The Results

One of our first entries into the world of research within the tourism sector. A successfully completed project with very positive feedback from the client, helping them to understand the nature of travel bookings in the UK market.

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