Animal Testing in Latin America

Animal Testing in Latin America

About the project


- Brazil


- Online Interviews via Zoom

The Challenge

GuineaPig were approached to recruit for a unique and very targeted Government and NGO research project in Brazil and Mexico targeting Policy Makers, who work for government regulatory departments and Activists, senior representatives from NGOS and Think Tanks.

The subject was on the issues and regulations on Animal Testing when it comes to Personal Care Products. This was part of a wider global research project.

Target Groups

Policymakers: Individuals who work for government or regulatory departments that have responsibility and jurisdiction for personal care and cosmetic products

Activist Community: Senior representatives from NGOs or think tanks, including academics and scientists focused on the regulation of personal care products

The Results

Leveraging our international recruitment partners in South America we were able to secure key participants for this study. We were also tasked with transcribing the interviews from Portuguese and Spanish into English for the client.

A highly interesting study!

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