GuineaPig Fieldwork – Our Approach

Our Approach

Not your usual “Yes” men!

(or women!)

Unlike many fieldwork agencies, we don’t just say yes and hope for the best

We are dedicated to doing things the right way, running extensive feasibility checks through our network of over 500 recruitment partners and industry experts prior to taking on any new projects.

Our Winning Formula

A strong focus on quality and meticulous attention to detail extends throughout our entire project process

Extensive feasibility checks

Each request you send us is given the careful consideration it deserves and if for whatever reason the results of our feasibility checks are negative, we’ll provide you with the reasons why and expert advice on alternative methods of achieving your research goals

Mandatory briefing calls

Regardless of how intricate or how simple your study is, upon commission we will schedule a full, in-depth briefing call between you and your dedicated project manager, ensuring each i is dotted, each t is crossed and we are all on the same page.

Prearranged update schedule

We know how much you hate chasing for updates and we never want to leave you waiting in uncertainty. So, during our mandatory briefing call, we will agree upon (and stick to!) an update schedule tailored to your specific needs and preferences

Data validation and quality checks

Our respondents are screened not once or twice but three times, checking and double checking that their answers match the quotas we are looking for before their profiles are submitted for your approval.

Screening-out of professional respondents

They're out there and they they're getting craftier with their tactics but we are onto them! With our centralized database of known fibbers and identity checking procedures we do everything humanly possible to ensure your respondents are precisely who they say they are.

On-time delivery

We pride ourselves on our track record of delivering on-time every time, and most of the time, we're early!

Pre-checking of participants

The job isn't done until the respondents are participating in your research, which is why we follow up with respondent reminders, once by phone 24 hours prior to your study and then again by SMS on the big day

The goal is to provide our clients with such an exceptional level of service that they view us more like their own in-house field department than as external contractors.
Theo Francis
Founder - GuineaPig

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